E-Harmony for Landscape Customers?

It pays to be picky!

In building a business, it’s tempting to say “yes” to every customer and every project.  Companies can fall into a trap of trying too hard to win projects at any cost.  Other times, they bend to unreasonable or nonsense customer requests in attempt to make the sale.

Finding the Right Match

Figuring out your compatibility with new customers can be a little like dating.  You have to determine the profile of the ideal customer.  Then you need to screen new clients coming into your business to make sure you can forge a relationship that’s going to work.

The right customers are often the ones who are:

  • Motivated to get the job done right
  • Interested in listening to your advice and expertise
  • Willing to invest in a proper, quality installation
  • Demonstrate loyalty over the long-term
  • Are in the neighborhoods where you like to work

There’s plenty of work out there, so don’t feel like you need to bend your standards or put up with bad behavior.  Determine the parameters for best-fit clients and go get more of those!

Breaking Up is Something You Should Do

Why are contractors reluctant to say “adios” to customers who are a drag on their company’s health?  You know the ones:  chronic complainers, rude to your employees, expect extras at rock bottom prices.  Somebody needs to end the pain.  It needs to be you.    Being treated poorly is not a lifelong sentence of a pro contractor.   It takes courage to cut ties, but you’ll be happy when it’s done.

When you say goodbye, do it professionally.  And have some fun.  Use the same “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup strategy you see on every television sitcom.  You can do the customer an added favor of connecting them with a new supplier: your best competitor.

Aligning your company with the right clients will increase your profitability, your satisfaction and your sanity.  Start today.