How Hunter’s HCC Changes the Irrigation Monitoring Game

With the HCC controller, Hunter expands the Hydrawise multi-site irrigation management capabilities into larger commercial projects, with up to 54 stations on a single controller.

With Hydrawise you can create a steady revenue stream, converting the customers seen only once or twice per year into managed accounts whose irrigation systems are monitored real-time.  Enjoy recurring revenue without the need to visit the site physically to adjust controllers.

Among the HCC’s many innovative features is Predictive Watering™, which adjusts irrigation schedules based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. With a built-in milliamp sensor, troubleshooting faulty wires is a breeze.

Plus you can connect an HC Flow Meter to monitor system flow, alerting you of leaks, line breaks, broken sprinklers and more. This allows you to fix problems before they result in a brown lawn, dead plants or water spraying into the street.

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