Embrace Technology as You
Prepare for Irrigation Start-Ups

As you prepare for irrigation start-ups, now is a great time to evaluate your customers’ systems and look for opportunities to upgrade outdated equipment and add-on new technology and services. Today’s homes are getting smarter and home owners want to be more connected to their home systems.

Our focus is to guide and educate you on the newest technology trends across the industry, so that your jobs are profitable. Below are some of our recommendations for the most advanced and user-friendly products to help grow your sales this season.

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart-Home Technology for Irrigation

These new devices team up with mobile phones to allow customized settings and maximum energy savings. Offer your customers a true connected controller that can run from a mobile or web app with these devices:

These controllers turn local forecasts into customized schedules that save water and money. The on-the-go features allows homeowners to check in on sprinklers at home, work or away and make adjustments at any time. It even alerts when it adjusts schedules for rain, freezing temperatures or seasonal changes.

Upgrade New and Existing Systems with Rain, Freeze, Flow and Soil Sensors

Sensor are becoming the law in many states for good reason. They prevent watering during rainy weather, saving water and money. Yet manufacturers estimate less than 30% of existing irrigation systems have these devices. The following sensors offer a great opportunity to upgrade new and existing systems:

Remote Monitoring and Control of Commercial Systems

Now you can get paid for keeping watch on your customers’ commercial systems. A number of newer products are making it possible for contractors to easily offer remote monitoring and management for their commercial customers.

The key with these new systems is reliable communications at lower costs. They rely on the internet instead of dedicated phone lines or cell phones. Plus, they offer the ability to read sensors, gather weather information, send alert messaging, and create reporting. The following centralized control and monitoring systems could be an excellent business opportunity for you:

Capture Every Opportunity

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