4 Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2023

Back to Basics: Marketing’s Core Aspects

With 2023 in full swing, it is important to keep one question in mind: “What can I improve in my marketing strategies to make sure that I take advantage of new opportunities in 2023?” This is also the perfect time to look at the positives and evaluate what did work.

Even though it is smart to adapt your strategy over time, the core foundations of good marketing are still just as effective. As a business you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. So, make sure you provide a clear and direct message on the following points:

  • Who you are
  • What service(s) you provide
  • Where you are located
  • How to learn more and connect with the business
1. Mobile Optimization

As of November 2022, over half of all total web visits had come from a mobile device. This has resulted in the incorporation of mobile optimization into many existing marketing strategies. Mobile devices continue to increase access to information just about anywhere, at any time. Additionally, they have allowed customers more freedom to research & compare companies and find the best value. To allow for better digital interaction with customers, it is best practice to use modern and mobile friendly assets. If a company is still relying solely on word of mouth in 2023, they are going to be missing out on a growing majority of the total market.

2. User Experience

Not only has mobile viewing become more common over the years, a greater importance has been placed on the overall experience of user or customer. For example, if a business does most of their sales through e-commerce, but their website is clunky, takes forever to load, and does not provide any contact information, what would you expect the customer experience to be like? An existing customer might become frustrated & begin seeking out a competitor. A potential customer could be turned away completely. User experience often times is a “make or break” factor in the conversion, retention & expansion of sales. Here are some general tips to consider:

  • Smaller photo sizes allow for faster load time
  • Use cohesive color palettes & clear, legible fonts
  • Clearly structured & organized web layout
  • Any tabs, links or buttons redirect to the correct pages
3. Social Media Remains Critical

Social Media’s prominence within many industries will continue throughout 2023. The main advantage that social media presents is that it can give a company the opportunity to showcase more of a day to day, behind the scenes look into their business. Often times, this allows space for a human connection to begin to develop. This can also help improve the effectiveness of both Business to Business (B2B Marketing) & Business to Consumer (B2C Marketing) interactions. Make sure to get the word out about your social media pages simply by making sure that you tell people about them.

A few easy ways to do so are:

  • Add links to your social media pages in your email blasts.
  • Consistently post content in order to keep up engagement! This can be as basic as posting a project completion photo and a small caption about the project details.
  • Turn your social media outlets into spaces where you can demonstrate your expertise. This means you can also re-share content from relevant organizations, publications, and experts as long as you take care to credit the source. Over time, the posts on your social media becomes a portfolio of your work & knowledge. However, a word of warning ­– you want to show a deeper look into the business, not into your personal life. Manage the business’ social pages and be aware of what is being posted. This content should be appropriate and relevant to the business or industry. Additionally, it is best practice to avoid certain subjects such as politics, personal beliefs, religion, and so on.
4. Ethical Purchasing Power

A major trend that has emerged within the last few years is that customers have begun to notice of the purchasing power that they possess. For example, many customers are beginning to make more informed and ethical purchases from companies that they feel are more aligned with their own personal beliefs. Various socio-economic issues, such as global warming, sustainability & social justice movements, are a few of the sources that have been attributed to this shift to a more emotional and ethically driven purchasing style. I can hear you asking “Well, that’s great and all, but what does that have to do with me in the ‘Green Industry’?” Here’s a great example: What if a Landscaper is looking to use a series of more sustainable lawncare products? How would this impact the conversations that would take place? How would the selling points differ? In this case, maybe Hudson Valley Natural Products would better fit the customer’s needs since they have longer lasting results while cutting out excessive fillers and harsh chemicals. Maybe this could open up an opportunity to upsell more efficient equipment or watering system. These conversations can greatly improve customer relations. Demonstrate that their needs are heard and provide relevant solutions. Even though change often can bring about the need for adjustment, this also brings about new and exciting opportunities.


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