The Importance of Applying Turf Fertilizer in the Fall

Autumn is an important season for turf management. During shorter days and cooler nights, turf begins to grow vigorously again, filling in open areas, becoming more dense and accumulating carbohydrates efficiently.

Experts agree that it is important to do a final application of fertilizer before the on-set of winter. This helps assure that the turf roots remain healthy and allows the lawn to store food for winter. It also replenishes the nutrients used up over the summer and allows the plant to reestablish itself after heat stress. Most importantly, the energy that is stored from fall fertilizer promotes better spring green-up next year.

Nitrogen (N) management is the most important aspect of fall fertilization, so select a fertilizer with the appropriate blend, like the one we are featuring on special in our stores. For high traffic areas like sports fields, this extra shot of nitrogen during fall play is particularly important for turf recovery.

The timing for fall fertilization in a given region varies, depending on when frost occurs. The first hard freeze usually causes turf growth to cease, but the plant is still active, so photosynthesis will continue until the ground freezes. The plant continues to accumulate nutrients during this time when little or no growth occurs.

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