A Look Back: Top Irrigation Articles from 2022

2022 saw ongoing challenges in labor, costs, and water efficiency across the category.  Now is a great time to take the opportunity to look back at the top Central irrigation articles of 2022 and see what changes you might want to make, and what solutions you might need, for your irrigation plans heading into 2023. If these are new to you or you missed the articles during the recent season, now is the perfect time to review them and prepare to take your business to the next level of success!

Improve your current services, learn how to navigate water restriction issues, or successfully add new irrigation technology to your business this coming year by taking a look at these articles:

4 Tips for Adding Value to Your Commercial Irrigation Job Bid

Creating design/builds for commercial irrigation projects can feel like walking a tight rope. You need to find balance between overdesigning, which has the potential to price you out of the market, and under-designing where you may not meet a client’s needs or expectations. When you find the right balance, the opportunity is tremendous and will allow you to outperform and outsell the competition.

7 Common Issues and Solutions that Embrace Smart Irrigation Technology

The Irrigation Association has promoted July as Smart Irrigation Month since 2005. This is an effort to highlight water conservation and healthy landscapes through sound irrigation practices that embrace advances in technology. Read about seven common problems and conditions our category expert has observed over the years that did not embrace the latest smart irrigation technology available at the time, and very simple recommendations on how to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

6 Benefits of Using Site Sourced Water For Smart Irrigation

The extreme drought that has been devastating many parts of the United States has impacted water restrictions as well as contributed to rising water costs, forcing many to step away from using municipal water and transition into using alternate sources. Learn how to use water available on the project site, such as lakes, ponds, retention ponds, streams, irrigation ditches, and cisterns/tanks, to protect your customers against rising municipal water costs and restrictions.

Solutions to Questions Commercial Contractors Face at the Start of the Season

We checked in with Dave Shane, our Commercial Sales Manager, to discuss several common questions commercial contractors face on a regular basis in design/build installation work and various solutions.