A Look Back: Top Hardscape + Outdoor Living Articles from 2022

2022 saw ongoing challenges in labor, procurement, project planning, and missed revenue opportunities across the outdoor living category.  Now is a great time to take the opportunity to look back at the top Central outdoor living articles of 2022 and see what changes you might want to make, and what solutions you might need, for your hardscape and outdoor living plans heading into 2023. If these are new to you or you missed the articles during the recent season, now is the perfect time to review them and prepare to take your business to the next level of success!

Improve your current services, learn how to solve project planning issues, or successfully add a new service to your business this coming year by taking a look at these articles:

Find Your Niche – Add Landscape Lighting to Your Outdoor Living Projects

There is no better compliment to your hardscaping than outdoor lighting. Adding landscape lighting to your portfolio adds opportunity to up-sell to your customer while also adding incredible aesthetic value for the landscape that you are installing. Better yet, this will set you apart from your competition by allowing you to offer a premium, high-end installation to your customer for very little extra work for you and your team.

Benefits of Sealing Pavers & Offering Customers a Maintenance Package

Everyone has been there. You are hired by a customer to install a beautiful hardscape in their commercial or residential space. The work has gone smoothly, the client is pleased, and now your business with them is done. But this does not have to be the case! We checked in with Dennis Garneau, Central’s Category Director for Hardscapes, to learn more.

3 Tips for Outdoor Audio Design and Installation Success

Outdoor spaces have become even more important for over the last few years. This makes it an excellent opportunity for you to consider adding outdoor audio to your service portfolio.