A Look Back: Top Lighting Articles from 2022

2022 saw ongoing challenges in labor, job sensitivity when selling upgrades, and creating an effective sales process across the lighting category.  Now is a great time to take the opportunity to look back at the top Central lighting articles of 2022 and see what changes you might want to make, and what solutions you might need, for your outdoor lighting plans heading into 2023. If these are new to you or you missed the articles during the recent season, now is the perfect time to review them and prepare to take your business to the next level of success!

Improve your current services, learn how to benefit from selling maintenance agreements, or successfully add a new service to your business this coming year by taking a look at these articles:

4 Tips for Landscape Lighting Maintenance Agreements

Just as your plants need water and sunlight to grow, your customer’s relationship with their outdoor lighting needs help for it to grow into something that isn’t just a one-off project. It needs tending to and maintenance just like anything else in order to reach its full potential. We asked Kevin Adams, Regional Leader, for his insight on leveraging landscape lighting agreements for additional and recurring sales for your business.

Find Your Niche – Add Landscape Lighting to Your Outdoor Living Projects

From WiFi controllers and mesh systems to ZDC and advanced installation techniques, there is always something we need to be learning. Couple that with a tremendous demand in outdoor living and hardscape, and the opportunities are endless..

Finding Your Holiday Lighting Customer

We’ve connected with our vendor partner, Seasonal Source, for their recommendations on selling three key customer types for the holiday season: commercial, municipal, and residential.

Learn How To Expand Beyond Your Typical Four-Fixture Routine

Everyone knows the age-old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Yet, if we live by this motto we are essentially just waiting until things aren’t working to try something new. The same can be said for when we get into a business routine that we feel meets the basic needs of our customers, and thus we just continue to offer the same basic plan to everyone.  However, what if with a few simple changes you could offer customers something even a little better… all while your competitors are waiting around for the standard installation options to be “broken” before learning new outdoor lighting products, techniques, and ideas.